How it Goes

We will start with theory - overview key concepts of building a Command Line Interface program. By making a tiny example in Node.js, we explore npm and package.json capabilities, compare different technologies. We build a TypeScript based pluggable CLI with Oclif framework and design internal's business logic. In the last part we introduce Continuous Integration with Github and polish program UX and output using various libraries.

Our goals are to learn awesome technologies, practice modern techniques, and of course, make your CLI application production ready!


Mastering CLI with TypeScript


  1. You’ll need to have a laptop with you. Windows, Linux or Mac doesn’t matter. Ideally, you should feel comfortable using this computer for daily tasks. Don't forget to take a charger.
  2. Installed Software – NodeJS (obviously 😀), Git (account on Github), VSCode (preferrable)
  3. Enthusiasm and interest might help!

About JavaScript Plannet

We are a group of software engineers, instructors, and Web enthusiasts. We know what's hot on the market and what must be on the list for a modern javascript developer to know.
We love teaching and hope to see you soon on our workshop!